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Jardins La Brouette has been producing identically reproducible vegetable seeds from healthy and diversified agriculture for the amateur gardener since 2013.  Its insatiable taste for diversity allows the development of colorful, natural and tasty gardens and vegetable patches. It is always with as much passion that the whole team of the Gardens works each year to add beautiful novelties.  


The collection offered to Resellers is rich and well represents Audrey's desires and know-how. This range is colorful, graphic, simple and effective. It is made up of 9 product families and 5 price codes. You can easily offer your customers old and forgotten varieties, originality and vegetables of all colors that will arouse curiosity and taste buds.

The whole team does its best to produce the quantity of seeds requested on all the products, but nature is king and some breaks are sometimes possible. The resources we enjoy are a treasure to be respected and shared.

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